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A Letter from the Rabbi:

Shalom, friend!

I'm Jeffrey Adler, Rabbi of the Messianic Jewish Congregation, Shaarey Yeshua. In Yeshua, generally known as Jesus, we have found the Messiah our G-d promised to reconcile us to Himself, and restore us to the relationship He had with our forefathers like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We are, after all, called to be a "Kingdom of priests and a holy nation to the L-rd" .
(Exodus 19:6)

I invite you to browse this website to examine the community life we seek to offer here, one designed to help build a freshened relationship with the L-rd and with each other.
Check back often we will continue to update our web site often, offering many new pages .

I hope we can be of service to YOU!
Please, browse away!
Jeffrey Adler

Statement Of Faith
Statement Of Faith

Salvation Plan
Salvation Plan

Services Friday @ 7:30pm
2415 East, 72nd Street:
One Block East of Keystone
Ave. on 72nd Street.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Click here for a map to our location:

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